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Thank you for visiting the website for Inspiring Progress CIC , my name is Natasha and I am  passionate about empowering people on the autism spectrum on how to lead


a positive and confident life.  As well as providing empowering  interventions, Inspiring Progress CIC also ensures that our clients complete their coaching with us whilst


still being able to maintain the true essence of who they are: An individual with autism who now also happens to have  the social skills needed to navigate


this socially demanding world


Due to the changing nature of the world around us you can receive all our coaching online as well as face to face as we are able to effectively use remote platforms such as 


Skype or Zoom


In the early part of my professional career I worked as a recruitment consultant  supporting young people aged 16 -24 into apprenticeships. I then moved into


Further education where I worked initially as a Learning Mentor and then trained as a health and social care lecturer, a role that involved supporting


a range of adults with varying needs, including supporting individuals with an autism spectrum disorder and students with mental health needs


In 2011 I decided to establish an organisation that would focus solely on providing coaching that would support people on the autism spectrum or people who live with/ engage with


individuals on the autism spectrum

. In 2013, Inspiring Progress secured a contract with the department of work and pensions (The Job Centre) where we ran an intervention


that actively supported job seekers with ASD/social and communication difficulties/mental health issues, into employment and apprenticeship positions.

Inspiring Progress has also worked with Watford Stop Gap , an organisation that supported 16 - 25 yrs with ASD through a range of different programmes.


Inspiring Progress CIC has also delivered autism awareness training to a range of different organisation such as a well known recruitment consultancy and our local Home Start team 


Inspiring Progress CIC also believes in empowering individuals on the autism spectrum with a voice where they can express their wants and needs without hindrance therefore


we provide an intervention called ASD Advocacy as well as supporting families with the PIP (Personal Independence Payment) process 

I have received training in supporting people with Asperger Syndrome and learning


difficulties and I have also received Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) training. My complimentary skill to my experience is that I am a qualified Image Consultant


Inspiring Progress CIC - Opening the door to social acceptance


whilst closing the door to social exclusion